Portrait: Brad ScruggsI remember when my Dad took me to Manhattan in '85 to get my first camera. A Nikon FG, which was totally manual, forced me to build a solid foundation of photography basics. Thus began my journey with the camera. With the advent of the digital age, new tools and techniques became available that have allowed me to develop and share my passion. Inspired by photographers such as Jim Zuckerman, Tony Sweet, Moose Peterson and the great Ansel Adams I focused my love for nature, landscape, and travel photography.

Living in Orlando, FL has blessed me with a diversity of colorful and interesting subjects. I hope that my images illicit the same appreciation for the birds, butterflies, animals, and scenery of Central Florida that I have when pressing my shutter button. Additionally, my wife and I enjoy traveling to fun and exotic destinations, and with camera in hand have attempted to capture the beauty of other countries and cultures.